Why I Drink Lemon Water

Hello  everyone, I hope the weekend is treating you right. Today I decided to tell you why I drink lemon water.

Lemon is a citrus fruit known to contain vitamins A, B, C and E. As a child, lemon was one of those fruits I dreaded. Once you have cough or runny nose, my mother either makes ‘agbo’ (herbal drink with all sorts of fruits and leaves) or she throws lemon in hot water for you to drink. If its cough, she would be nice enough to add honey and if it isn’t cough, you are going to drink that bitter thing like that. Obviously, I didn’t appreciate it then but now I do. Lemon juice is also used to fight infections, whiten teeth, lighten the skin (in mild terms) and aid weight loss.

I take lemon water whenever I am on my guilt trip. Guilt trip that I get to deal with when it about that time of the month (both ladies and gentlemen understand). Craving for everything sweet goes way up; and I feed it! If you like judge me, e dey your body. Biscuits, chocolate bars, truffles and every other thing sweet, I feed on to feel better and avoid my mouth tasting bitter.

When that period of life is over, I would usually take green tea to get all the junk out of my body but these days I take lemon. I think green tea just cleanses, it doesn’t hydrate my body. I take lemon water because it does both and even more. It helps to maintain healthy cells. You can read more about other benefits of lemon.

I basically just get one fresh lemon, wash slice it thinly (you can slice anyhow you want, I even cut myself while slicing).


I put it in the slices in a small jug and fill with warm water. Leave it for 20-30 minutes just to let the nutrients get into the water after which you can drink. You can keep filling the jar with water to drink throughout the day. I think you can do that till about 12hrs before it ferments. The color of your urine would tell you if lemon has done its work.
PS: you can drink lemon water like an hour after you take alcohol to reduce the effect. That’s if you are not too high to remember to take lemon at all.

Thanks for reading guys, XOXO. If you use lemon water, kindly share what you use it for and why in the comment box.


World Book Day 2017

Today is World Book Day, 2017. I get to celebrate books today by sharing with you titles of some of the books I have read this year. Apart from the ones I have described here, I also read, Information systems management, New perspectives (Excel and Word), all my lecture notes and my bible too. I just had to mention because I think they should count. I also wish someone will dash me a Fintech book.

Here they are!!!




Smart Money woman one book that is relevant for any lady who wants to take charge of her finances. It teaches key factors for financial success, helps with smart budgeting and explains investing well to a beginner. If you haven’t read it, you should.

AROUND THE WAY GIRL by Taraji P. Henson



Taraji is one of my favourite actresses. This book basically takes you through major events that shaped her and made her the woman she is today. The lessons are very tangible and her story is inspiring.




This book is perfect for anyone approaching twenties or perhaps already dealing with quarter life crisis. I love the way it was written with so much humour. You could read this book in one sitting. Some chapters are beyond two pages and others are not even up to a page but the secrets are amazing and profound. In another post, I will probably share seven of the secrets in this book that inspired me the most.

I’M JUDGING YOU by Luvvie Ajayi



I haven’t finished reading this one but I am finding it interesting. It is really a ‘do better’ manual. You could attempt reading it in one sitting if you are an addict but I would also suggest you go through the notes at the end of the book before reading. Why, you might not be familiar with some of her funny terms (alphet, unable to can, Haysoos, find out their meanings when you read) and going through them helps you understand better and enjoy the read.




Comment below what books you have been reading in the last two months, lets exchange  books hopefully….lol.

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